What Kind Of Equipment Can Prevent The Pain Caused By Cushion?

- Aug 11, 2017-

First time, no riding pants: 19 minutes 21 seconds

It was a very painful time and I felt uncomfortable at first, and almost 10 minutes later I was very uncomfortable.

Second, riding pants: lasts 40 minutes 22 seconds

Unable to buy the cheap, 4.99-pound Lidl-card ride pants, I bought a 10.99-pound decathlon, which looked much better than a bargain, but the truth was that there was no difference.

Assos brand pants have been a comfortable benchmark since the 1970s, and the F1 Mille GP series is one of the top products of ergonomic design, with a price of more than £ 100, which also offers an incredible sense of comfort. Just ride on the car, pads play a good role in isolation and protection, cushioning effect is comfortable and not overdo. Even after 1.5 hours, I was just feeling a little uncomfortable and it could be because of the two previous rides.

The fourth time, Assos riding pants plus Chamois skin cream: lasted more than 2 hours

With one point chamois skin cream on the pad, and daub evenly, gently sit on the cushion, at this point you will find really is a very good feeling oh, effectively avoid the pain of the production. Reduce friction, remain comfortable, inhibit bacterial reproduction. If you haven't tried, buy a bottle and try it.

The fifth time, Assos riding pants plus suede protection stickers: lasted more than 2 hours

Bio-racers ' suede protection stickers are the ultimate weapon against butt pain. It's like a giant band-post, taped to the perineum in front of the ride to reduce friction. At first I doubted if it would work, but I was convinced after the test.

In the riding test, it is the same as the skin cream effect, and several times the actual ride makes me feel deeply. My initial concern was that I threw cloud at the fear that the body hair of that part was rubbing in the ride to produce pain. Can even be washed, and can be reused, it is so soft, even the protection of sensitive parts are very suitable.