What Is A Riding Suit Cushion

- Aug 11, 2017-

Riding on the cushion, also known as riding pants mat is the most essential accessories for cycling sportswear. Professional sports bikes to light and reduce wind resistance, will streamline the overall shape of its accessories, car seats will also be designed to narrow and streamlined appearance, in this way, it will sacrifice its comfort, the athlete's buttocks and the lower part of the anterior crotch will be under the strength of the greater pressure and friction, directly affect the state of the athletes play, riding pants mat is to alleviate this discomfort and design, Material is mainly to moisture wicking and skin-friendly surface fabric (coolmax® or other absorbent breathable fabrics) and soft support and to fill the "sharp" on the surface of the car seat and make the overall feeling relatively flat composition of the sponge.

Process generally has one stamping, splicing + stamping or laminating + stamping and so on, and with a penetrating ventilation hole, some are also equipped with silicone pads, fluid decompression devices or split-body design and other advanced equipment (such as gel, Air-pro, Liqui-cell, etc.), at present, riding pants pad production process to the relative development of the bicycle movement of Italy more advanced.