The Third Stage Of The Tour De France: Alafili Brave Solo

- Jul 09, 2019-


The third stage began with a 215-kilometer transition from France to the French town of Bans. Velence (Lotto-speed), Ossell (Total-Direct Energy), Offredo (Walti-Gobert), Arkea Samsic and Roseto (Coffey) Diss) broke through in the early stage and established an advantage of more than six minutes on the Ping Road by the wind.

As the game progressed, the advantage of the five gradually fell to within two minutes. In the last 50 kilometers, the game entered the Arden terrain and instantly became another game. With a decisive effort, Wellens easily got rid of the other four breakout drivers and re-expanded the lead to more than two minutes, passing the next two climb points Cote de Nanteuil-la-Foret and Coted'Hautvillers. After boarding Cote de Mutigny, Velence had a puncture and completed the task of the day - winning the stage darts and polka dots.

Astana and Dekunik - Quick Steps actively lead the big group and continue to narrow the gap. Also in Cote de Mutigny, Alla Phillips made a force, followed by Wayence and the second through the top of the slope, while getting a 5 second reduction in seconds. The other opponents did not catch up with the first time, and Alafili quickly opened the gap of 50 seconds. Shahman (Bola Hansgrohe), Lanta (Moving Star), Luchenko (Astana) and Woods (EF) organized a wave of pursuits, but soon returned to the big group.

Tunisen (Jumbo-Wismar) fell behind in the steep slope, and after losing a few kilometers, he still lost the hope of keeping the yellow shirt. Treasure-Wismar did not wait for Tunisen because the other players in the team still expected to keep the yellow shirt. They chased the gap back to 35 seconds before entering the last climbing point, Cote du Mont Bernon.

However, their troops are also consumed almost, and the team of champions such as Bora Hansgrohe, Sunnet, and CCC are also lacking in the team. INEOS took over the big group, but they only wanted the Lord to finish the race safely and did not intend to pursue it. The adjusted Ala Phillips succeeded in maintaining the gap around 30 seconds and the victory was in sight.

Alafili continued to move at full speed, and when he returned to the finish line, he raised his hand to celebrate - the French can wear a yellow shirt, depending on the big group. After 26 seconds, the big group arrived, Matthews (Sunnet) and Stefan (Truck-Sielan Lancome) took away the remaining seconds reduction. Alla Phillips became the new leader in the overall score, wearing the Tour de France yellow shirt for the first time in his career.

Tenison also lost the green shirt - Sagan (76 points) over the second stage Matthews (59 points), justified to get the familiar green shirt. Van Alte (Jumbo - Wismar) holds a white shirt and ranks second in total score with a difference of 20 seconds.

                                                        ▲The top ten of the stage

                                  ▲The top ten in total scores (Thomas made a tactical break?)