The Tenth Stage Of The Tour De France: The Wind Is Up! Van Arte Carried The Banner

- Jul 16, 2019-


On July 15, 2019, the tenth stage of the Tour de France ended. Van Alte (Jumbo - Wismar) pressured a strong enemy and won the first victory of the Tour de France. Many drivers fell behind in the crosswinds, and the overall performance situation changed significantly as they entered the first rest day.


The first week of the Tour de France is about to end after ten stages. The last day before the rest day is the 217.5-kilometer flat road stage, and the game is transitioning to the Pyrenees. Ekin (Gotty-Gobert), Turgi (Total-Direct Energy), Schmidt (Katyusha-Ou Qingqing), Gallopan (AG2R), Funchal (CCC) and Bell Hain Fidtis) formed a breakout group. Bell Haan swept four climbing points and won the Dart Prize. In the big group, several sprint teams from the target stage champions teamed up to carefully control the gap for three minutes.

When everyone thought that the game had to end smoothly, the crosswinds came. 37 kilometers before the end of the line, EF education accelerated. George Bennett (Jumbo Wismar), who finished fourth in total, just took the water at the rear and became the earliest victim.


Dekunik - Quick Step, INEOS and Bola Hansgrohe continue to move at full speed. The big drivers such as Alafilip, Viviani (Dekunik-Quebu) and Kvyatkovsky (Ince) have personally led the ride, which shows that the rhythm of the game is fierce. This round of pulling the "original" EF education, all fell behind.

The big group is divided, and the drivers who have left behind are gradually emerging: the total score drivers are Pino (UNITA-FDJ), Fogelsang (Astana), Porter, Zicone (Truck-Sielan Lancome), Wulan (EF), Landa (Moving Star), etc.; sprinters include Grune Weiheng (Jumbo - Wismar), Christopher (Emirates) and so on.

Astana, UNITA-FDJ and Trek-Shijia Lancome launched a suffocating pursuit, narrowing the gap to 14 seconds and exhausting all power. There are still 20 kilometers of competition, and Fogelsang, Pino and others can only helplessly watch the loss expand a little. They ended up being 1 minute 40 seconds behind.

More than 40 survivors came to Albi to start the competition for the championship. In the last two kilometers, the well-organized Sun Net pulled up the train and seemed to send Matthews back to the finish line. At the last 300 meters, the track was slightly up, and Matthews was still waiting for the opportunity to open under the protection of Boss.

But hesitation will defeat the North. Matthews’s opponents will not sit still, and Mittelton-SCOTT, Van Ault, Sagan (Bola-Hansgaya), and You’an (Lotto-speed Olympics) will start to rush. Matthews will be drowned soon. Viviani came half a step late and also quickly approached from Van Ault.

At the finish line, Van Alte and Viviani are at the same time! The Belgian genius with a slight advantage has withstood the challenge of the Italians. After Grunevigen left the team, the three-way road cross-country world champion came forward and won a personal victory in the first Tour of the Tour de France.


Among the four jerseys, the only one that is easy to change is the white shirt - Bernal (Italian) replaced the team's Qi Ke Nei and became the new best young driver. Alla Phillips, Sagan and Velence (the lottery-speed Olympics) entered the next stage with a big advantage on their respective rankings.