The Origins Of Elastic

- Aug 11, 2017-

Elastic band first appeared in 1812 a hat factory, called the Elastic belt round cap, but the actual use of spring and steel wire frame. And the real invention of the elastic belt is the accidental invention of a chemist Masentos and inventor Hancock in the experiment to extract the rubber concentration in 1820. Masentos first used the characteristics of rubber, put rubber between two layers of fabric and invented waterproof adhesive tape. Hancock obtained the original elastic band patent in 1820, and his elastic band was actually used as a rubber band for clothes or boots, fastened with glue.

1876, elastic band was applied to women's underwear, the same year published a ribbon article said: "In Paris can see a number of recent inventions, one of which is made of rubber elastic band."

People use elastic to replace the spiral copper wire for straps, gloves, and women's corsets, which is very suitable, and does not wear clothes or long patina like steel wire springs.