The First Stage Of The Tour De France: Tennyson Lore Sagan

- Jul 08, 2019-


On July 4, 2019, the first stage of the Tour de France was completed. Tennyson (Jumbo - Wismar) strolled Sagan (Bola-Hansgaya) on the finish line and won the start.


The first stage was the 194.5-kilometer flat road section, which crossed the Flanders and Wallonia regions and finally returned to Brussels for a sprint. For the first 50 kilometers, the race passes through the famous stone road steep slopes Mur de Grammont (Chapel Hill) and Bosberg, where the climbing point is set.

This setup attracted Van Avimat (CCC), Schmidt (Katyusha-Ou Bing), Morris (Wenty-Gobert) and Bell Hahn (Kofidis) to attack. They successfully separated from the big group and quickly established a three-minute advantage.

The four came to the famous Mur de Grammont and Bosberg. Van Avimat has an obvious advantage, winning the first-level climb point, ensuring that he wears a polka-dot shirt after the game. The Belgian immediately withdrew from the Breakout Group. The remaining three were caught up in the last 70 kilometers. Through the stone road Thimenon, Viviani (Dkunik - Quick Step) was out of the puncture, the big group once split, but soon back together. On the other hand, Sagan, with the help of his teammates, pressed Colbrelli (Bahrain - Merida) to get the most sprint points.

The game returned to calm, and Roseto (Kofidis) launched the second round of breakout alone, insisting on the 9km before the end, and won the dare award in this stage. Before entering the final sprint, an accident occurred: Fogelsang (Astana) fell to the ground and suffered multiple bloody injuries. The Danes returned to the car and got the team's assistance and successfully returned to the big group.

The INEOS team took the lead and many sprint teams also actively competed for position. The next accident occurred 1.5 km before the end. A large number of drivers were affected, including the champion of the stage, Grune Weiheng (Jumbo - Wismar). After the chaos, Morkov and Ritchie (Dekunik - Quick Step) pulled out the sprint train, but their main character Viviani disappeared.

At the last 300 meters, Matthews (Sunnet) was at the forefront and was forced to open ahead of time. Sagan followed closely, waiting for the right time to force, and the rear Colbre interest rate first challenged. Sagan's speed was enough to overtake Cobrelli, but Tunisen came out from behind Colbrelli, struggling with the cart on the finish line and grabbing the white line before Sagan!

After Gruneweigen crashed, Jumbo-Wisma quickly adjusted his tactics, and Van Ault successfully escorted Tunisen to the final battle. The 27-year-old Dutchman won his first career in the Tour de France while wearing a yellow and green jersey. The polka dot shirt belongs to Van Avimat; the white shirt belongs to the third stage of the jury (lottery-speed Olympics).