Swallowing A Crazy Bee, Barwed State Is Doubtful

- Apr 29, 2019-

Swallowing a crazy bee, Barwed state is doubtful

In the recently concluded Arrow of 2019 Walloon, the former five-time champion Valvid won only 11th. However, compared to the rankings,

 what makes Barwed worse is a bee on the way. The old bus swallowed a bee in the final stage of the game, while the latter snorted in the throat 

of the old bus, which made the well-informed old bus feel terrified.


The Spanish veteran said after the game that swallowing the bees is not looking for reasons for their lower than expected status, 

but it is still a terrible experience for him. "I thought the bee came out, but it was stunned by me." Old bus pointed at his throat and 

said that it was obvious that the struggling bee did not make the old bus feel good.

"I used to swallow insects while riding a bicycle, but I managed to cough up. I haven't swallowed it yet. Fortunately, I have no allergies, 

but it is really terrible. I am worried that the part of the beggar will be Inflamed, which made me worry about the last 20 minutes of the game."


I don't want to make excuses, but it does affect my performance or not. "This accident has caused Laoba to carefully consider

 the next Liege-Bathton-Liège. As the winner of the four "Leban-Bar-Lee" champions, the confidence of the old Pakistani was 

lowered by a bad bee. some.

"I don't know what will happen. I didn't play at the best in the Amstel Golden Race and the Walloon Arrow. The next match (Liege-Basston-Liège)

 is also unknown, I The state has not gotten worse, but it may not reach the level I expected."


Tonight, Liege-Basston-Liege is about to start, and the status of the old bus is doubtful. Everything is possible on the court. 

The 39-year-old Balved has been able to accept all kinds of changes, but I still expect him to reinvigorate and surprise us again.

The old bus swallowed bees on the court. What bad things did you encounter while riding a bicycle?