One Day Is Yellow (4) If Wimbledon Is Raining: Tom Simpson

- Jul 01, 2019-


The "One Day is Yellow" series will share with you the stories of these drivers who "only pass through a day of yellow shirts" and are currently in the serial of the Judges Network.


▲ Pyrenees "death big loop" is daunting

In 1962, the return of the commercial (professional) team to the stage was also a milestone in the history of the Tour de France. The drivers are organized around the management of the fleet manager to carry out activities throughout the year. At that time, the defending champion Anquitil represented ACBB–Saint-Raphael; Plydor, who had won Milan-San Remo and the French national champion, represented Cycles Mercier in the debut of the Tour de France. Compared with these two French superstars, Tom Simpson’s competitiveness (especially in terms of total scores) is still somewhat weak – the first two times in the Tour de France, one in the 29th (1960) and one in the unfinished (1961). . Simpson's Leroux team, the beginning of the main sprinter Andrei Darry Gade, but he fell in the second stage sprint.

The British (later moved to Brittany) have long been considered by the outside world to be tactical. "Team" rated Simpson as "the talent is really wasting him." But this time, Simpson came to the Pyrenees in the third place with a total score and started the first stage of the mountain stage. Baharam attacked in Turmalay and Col d'Aspin, scrambling for the climbing score, but the real screening appeared in Col de Peyresourde. Robert Kassala won the stage; Simpson became the first British driver to wear a yellow shirt.


▲ hat, umbrella, afternoon tea, Simpson puts out the British gentleman's style, talks with French reporters

Seven years ago, Brian Robinson led the British team to participate in the Tour de France for the first time, and then in 1958 won the British's first Tour de France. Simpson gradually grew into a big ring racer after winning the ring Flanders and Paris-Nice. As a leader in British bicycles, he joked after wearing a yellow shirt: "If Wimbledon (*) is raining, I should be able to see more reports in the (British) newspaper. If not, maybe No one will notice (the first British Yellow Lawn). At the same time, he felt that he would have trouble in the next stage: "I also want to wear as many yellow shirts as possible for a few days, but this one The time trial stage (18 km) is too long for me."


▲ Simpson put on a yellow shirt on the first day, but who can think of this is his last day of yellow

Simpson’s judgment was correct. He gave the yellow shirt to Yev Plancker (the last runner-up), and Plancker gave Anquetil (the last champion) in a few days. This humorous and talented driver, after five years of soul-breaking, is awkward. It was not until half a century later that Simpson’s successor, Bradley Wiggins, who was also a field driver, finally brought the Mi Ziqi to the highest podium on the Champs Elysées.