One Day Is Huang (1) The Only Amateur Rider In Yellow: Max Bra

- Jun 26, 2019-


The "One Day is Yellow" series will share with you the stories of these drivers who "only pass through a day of yellow shirts" and are currently in the serial of the Judges Network.


                                                                  ▲Max Bra

In the 1931 Tour de France, Max Brad put on a yellow shirt after the end of the second stage. He is the first and only "amateur rider" in history to wear a yellow shirt.

In those days, the participation in the Tour de France was not full of professional drivers. Some people are "trump cards" and some are "touristes-routiers" (literally meaning "tourists on the road"). Just look at this title, you know the public's opinion of this part of the driver. Half of the participants in the Tour de France in 1931 were made up of "amateur riders", mainly to get together. At that time, the Tour de France was also played by the national team. This means that the "amateur drivers" have no team and no logistical support. The "amateur rider" who is alone in combat, obviously cannot compete with the "regular army" that the team fights.

Max Brah is a member of the "Amateur Driver", but mainly because Austria does not have a complete team. Although he can only participate in the Tour de France as an "amateur rider", Brab is not a general. He is the Austrian national champion and also won the stage in Germany. In the 1929 World Championships, he even competed with the superstars of Longs and Binda. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong ratio.


                                                        ▲ Bra is in the game

Return to the Tour de France in 1931. In the second stage, Buda started in the "Shadow Group". Players who enter in their personal capacity will be arranged for another 10 minutes after the departure of the national team, for reasons of “avoiding interference with the game”. On that day, three brave drivers broke out from the “Shadow Group” and almost caught up with the previous national team. These three drivers naturally created the best scores of the second stage and naturally took the top three in total scores. They are Bra, from Vienna, Rene Bernard from Paris, and Adrian Van Wurst from Reims.

"Father of the Tour" De Grange always satiated the drivers on the "Car News" column, but opened an exception to Bra. In the next day's newspaper, De Grande highly praised the yellow shirt winner from Austria:

"We have had the privilege of witnessing Brah's feat. This beautiful young man is struggling to keep his riding posture elegant and pleasing to the eye. He may not speak a French, but his body, his eyes, exudes wisdom. The true talent does not need to be expressed through words. He is handsome and enthusiastic, and like Leduc (1930 and 1932 Tour de France champions), propped up the face of the yellow shirt."

However, the honor of the yellow shirt still did not allow Bra to avoid the treatment of the "Shadow Group". In the third stage, he failed to copy the magic of the previous day and handed over the yellow shirt. Perhaps this is the fate of the "amateur rider", but Bra continues to maintain a high morale and eventually leaves Paris with three stage winners and 15th overall score ("Amateur Driver" best score). More than 80 years have passed, and the next Austrian driver has not appeared after Bra, and can once again touch the honor of the yellow shirt.