Mountain World Cup (XC): Rainstorm Surprise Matthias First Crown Van Depoir Second

- May 27, 2019-


The second World Cup in the World Cup started in Albstadt, Germany. Swiss driver Mathias Fluekiger defeated Vanderbilt and won the first XC World Cup victory of the season.

 In the women's group, world champion Kate Courtney defeated Trek goddess Jolanda Neff and won the first World Cup victory in his career.

As the classic World Cup in the World Cup, the Albstadt station in Germany, the five-star cross-country difficulty, the steep climb, the steep drop of the rock, 

the number of riders who fell and bad cars on this track, here Once played the classic battle of Nino War Vanderpur. In the final weather, the weather is getting worse and worse,

 making the game even more difficult.

After the start of the men's elite team, world champion Nino Schulte took the lead and teammate Lars Foster followed, and the two took the initiative. 

But then the sudden heavy rain added more instability to the game. A driver who didn't change the rain tires in advance was caught off guard, and the newly built wooden track became very slippery. 

Nino teammate European champion Lars Foster crashed in the first, second and third laps respectively. After the first lap, Nino was temporarily ahead, followed by Matthias and Enrique Awancini; 

on the second lap, Enrique and Anton Cooper took the lead, and Matthias subsequently occupied First position. The real gap opened in the third lap. In this lap, Nino was 17 seconds behind in the first half, 

and the second half was further down. After the fourth lap, Nino was behind the lead group for nearly 1 minute. Crown Group, the final sixth. Mathias Flueckiger and Jordan Sarrou extended the lead to 23 seconds. 

Matthias continued to open the gap with the second place, flying all the way to the finish line, winning a crucial start!

The road cross-country world champion Van der Pul is in a hot state. In the short track of the previous day, the sprint wins Lars, defeats Nino, and wears No. 1 armor.

 Van der Pul is very familiar with the rainy mud battle, although the first lap is in the relatively backward position of the 12th, but after some "preheating", Van der Pul is more and more brave, 

and surpasses the opponent in the mud and rain. All the way to chase, the second half is stable in the top three. The last lap successfully caught up with Jordan Sarrou, staged a counterattack, 

and finally won the second place!

In the women's elite group, this game is like a battle between the new season's big-name clubmate Jolanda Neff and the beauty schoolmaster Kate Courtney. After the start of the game,

 Jolanda Neff and Kate Courtney broke out early on the first lap, establishing a gap of more than 10 with the big group. Kate Courtney launched an offensive against Yolanda Nefer on the climbing section, 

opening the gap. Kate Courtney led the way, but lost control at the Muqiao Circuit but quickly stabilized the situation. After the second lap, Kate took the second place Anne Tauber for 19 seconds,

 leading the third bubble noodle for 58 seconds. Anne Tauber crashed on the new raft board, and the fourth lap was replaced by Ukrainian driver Yana Belomoina, 

and Kate Courtney continued to lead on the final lap. Finally won the first World Cup single-station champion in his career! The noodle sister was behind the line for 49 seconds, 

and the third Yana Belomoina reached the finish line after 1 minute and 31 seconds.

Women's elite group


The women's elite team was not affected by the rain, but the track was very wet. Kate Courtney, Jolanda Neff, Annika Rwand Anna and other champions are all eager for the first victory. 

The start of the game is a fierce battle.