How To Manage The Color Of The Gripper Elastic

- Oct 28, 2017-

How to manage the color of the gripper elastic

Each industry there are color problems, the gripper elastic industry in the gripper elastic as well. gripper elastic color chromatic aberration common batches of poor, poor cylinder, the difference and so on. So how do we do the gripper elastic management?

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1, Gripper elastic in the different materials or different texture of the color source, we use the color box to see the color difference. Division I in the assessment of the color used when the basis for judging: assessment of color with gray card (GB / T250-2008), referred to as "gray card."

2, Gripper elastic in the same material with the texture of the color source, we use advanced color colorimeter to color management. QC and production department will be strictly on-site and shipping before the use of colorimeter management.

Gripper elastic are ubiquitous in our lives: Bags, Garment, Home Textile, underwear,maybe you have not noticed or maybe you have not noticed or ignored the gorgeous colors it brings to you. Let us go together with the gripper elastic kingdom, carefully enjoy her quality of life to bring you a wonderful experience.