Training Guide: 4 Tips To Help You Climb The Slope More Powerful

- Jul 02, 2019-

She participates in mountain bike segmentation events, often spending up to an hour to overcome a steep climb, 4 to 6 hours a day to cope with the climb.

When she started cycling, she had to force herself to learn more skills in order to succeed in mountain races such as ABSA Cape Epic and Brasil Ride. For this reason, she specially invited a coach to guide her at present. A skill that is urgently needed - climbing.


It's really fun to ride between the mountain roads, but there are some special things like climbing a mountain compared to other riding styles. First, you have to adjust your training intensity by time, which is a key factor in the success of climbing training.

Therefore, when teammates and her do 3 sets of 8 minutes or 6 sets of 5 minutes of mountain climbing training, there will be 24 to 30 minutes of easy riding stage, the threshold of this riding stage is very low, anyone can easily complete. In the case of a real race, you can choose to "catch" the attacking driver here, or you can choose to temporarily give up the hunt or rest. In addition, they also carry out several short-distance, steep slope training, and the intensity is also higher, such as 8 groups of 3 minutes or 12 groups of 2 minutes.

These exercises not only allow your body to gain more strength in aerobic exercise, regulate lactic acid, increase the threshold of strength, but also enhance your psychological adaptability, because hard climbing is not only a challenge to the muscles, but also A challenge of brain psychology.

Below she will introduce some hiking training skills, I believe they can be very helpful for your training. In order to achieve better results, she recommends that such training be performed 1 or 2 times a week, and the state of the legs should not be too tired before the training begins. In addition, repeated climbing training will make you very tired and tired, remember to stop and not let yourself collapse.

At every climb, your speed, strength, and strength should be within your target range. If your speed and strength are down by 20%, it means that you are "exploding". It's time to stop and ride a few laps. Today's training will stop here.


RPE refers to the Rating of Perceived Exertion, a subjective physical sensation scale, also known as the Sports Consciousness Scale. The above chart is a 10-level scale for reference, and the relevant data will be mentioned below.

Also note that you must warm up for 15 minutes before starting the training. After you finish the training, you should calm down for a few minutes.