Cape Epic News:Crash Concussion-Samuel Gaze Retirement

- Mar 21, 2019-

On March 20th, Investec-songo-Specialized team driver Samuel Gaze announced his withdrawal from Cape Epic.


Cape Epic is in the midst of a fierce battle in the third stage, and no driver wants to easily exit in this epic mountain marathon. 

As the first time to participate in South Africa's Cape Epic, the younger Kaiser, and the defending champion Kuhawei team, is a 

strong contender for the championship. Strive to defend the glory of the champion.


But unfortunately, Gaze suffered a serious crash in the first stage, and finally he finished the game. 

Immediately after the second day of the game, the first half hour of the Kaiser competition was no different,

but the impact of the previous crash was even more serious, and eventually it was 28 minutes behind Nino's Scott-SRAM MTB-Racing.


In today's third stage, Gaze continued to play, but soon announced his withdrawal from the game. 

In the subsequent examination, Kaiser was diagnosed with a severe concussion and was unable to continue the rest of the game.


Gaze showed the helmet that was broken at the time on social media. His current priority is to receive treatment and go home slowly. 

I hope that the younger Jiaze can return to health as soon as possible and return to the battlefield!