2018 The Battle Of Paris-Roubaix, Peter Sagan, The King Of The Battel

- Jun 05, 2018-

On 8th, April, 2018, the 116th Paris-Roubaix race was held in the famous city of Compiègne. This is the most famous game of the spring classics and is known as the "Queen of Classics".


At the same time, it is also the most important one-day race for bicycles. It is famous for its narrow, rough stone roads. It has always been known as the “Northern Hell” and the “Sunshine in the Hell”.


The current Paris-Roubaix race, total length of 257 kilometers, including 29 sections of a total of 54.5 kilometers of stone road, the overall route is similar to race last year. Among them, the most tested riders are undoubtedly the three sections of the five-star stone roads of Trouéed'Arenberg, Mons-En-Pévèle and Carrefour De L'Arbre. Only a few of the strongest riders can pass their trials to realize their dreams.


At the beginning of the race, there were always riders trying to catch, but after 50 kilometers, Sven Erik Bystrøm from UAE Team Emirates, Silvan Dillier from AG2R La Mondiale, Marc Soler from
UCI PRO TEAM, Ludovic Robeet of WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic, Jimmy Duquennoy and Tim Wellens of the Lotto Team successfully managed to get rid of the peloton and formed a 9-person leading group with Geoffrey Soupe, Gatis Smukulis, and Jay Robert Thomson......


Trouéed'Arenberg is almost a watershed in the game. There are only 100 kilometers away from the destination through this stone road, the Paris-Roubaix Championship is officially opened. At this time, the original 9 people's leading group only has four people: Dillier (AG2R), Wellens (Lotto Team), Ludovic Robeet (WB Aqua Protect Veranclassic) and Bystrøm (UAE Team Emirates).


The next focal point is Mons-En-Pévèle, which is 50 kms before the destination of the road. This is the second road of the three sections of the five-star stone road. Sagan also decided to give a isolated riding with his one last effort on the last 54 kilometers. He successfully joined Leading Group before Mons-En-Pévèle.

During seesaw battel, Bystrøm and Wellens have fallen behind. There are only 7 people in rear chase group. Sagan hasd close cooperation with Dillier, no one can attack from the rear group. After the key of five-star stone road, Carrefour De L'Arbre, only 15 kilometers of the track, and Sagan and Dillier still open up a lead of 50 seconds!


After confirming the leading edge in the Roubaix arena, Sagan and Dillier began the final spurt. Dillier, who was the first to do so, took a pace in the leeward, until the last two hundred meters left, Sagan cut from the high point to the inside, quickly reached the finish line, won the battel!

Dillier of the AG2R team and Niki Terpstra of the Quick-step team ranked second and third.



As David Miller said: "The Northern Hell looks very romantic, but full of tragedies - some people should have won the game, but lost all in a flash; some people crashed heavily on the stone, but got up and continued In Paris-Roubaix, it was a great achievement to complete the game.” After fierce competition, we witnessed the glory of free and easy triumph after the conquest of every rider in the Paris-Roubaix race!