Why is riding clothing tight?

- Jun 19, 2018-

Tight riding clothing

    1. Cycling clothing is a kind of clothing item that is specially developed and produced for cycling.

    2, in the cycling apparel body, please simulate the riding position to feel comfortable riding apparel.

    3. The front piece of the cycling suit is short and the length of the rear piece is long; the front waist of the riding pants is shallow and the back waist is long. These are all designed specifically for the posture when riding a bicycle.

    4. Reducing wind resistance is one of the basic functions of cycling clothing. This requires that cycling clothing must be a three-dimensional tailoring that is close to the skin, and not as loose or loose as the daily or casual sports clothing. At the same time, the tailoring three-dimensional design tailoring will also use the elasticity of the fabric itself to provide a reaction force to the muscles in the movement, to a certain extent to protect the muscles from injury during riding.

   5. Although the riding clothes are close to the skin, the functional fabric has excellent moisture absorption and perspiration functions, and it is still possible to maintain the dryness of the rider's body during riding.