Why do you have to wear gloves when riding?

- Aug 16, 2019-

Why do you have to wear gloves when riding?

I believe that many cyclists will have such experience, that is, when riding in a team, they will be basically called to wear riding gloves by the leader or other members of the team. For example, there are some strict cycling activities, if you don't wear good riding gloves, you can't take part in cycling.

In addition to riding gloves, there are other riding equipment that must be worn. For cycling, there are special riding gloves. The special riding gloves for cycling can be divided into full-fingered and half-fingered.

For different types of cycling activities, the type of riding gloves chosen is also different. Generally speaking, the palm position of cycling gloves is usually thickened. High-end cycling gloves are usually covered with silica gel pads.

Why is it that riding gloves are very important when riding? Gloves can protect the palm of the car when it falls. Reduce the damage to the palm caused by external forces. Also, it can prevent rubbing hands or rubbing hands.

When riding, if there is a riding accident. At this time, if there is no glove protection, it is extremely harmful to the rider. If you wear cycling gloves when you fall, you can moderately reduce the damage caused by falling.

Generally speaking, riding gloves can absorb sweat, prevent slippage and breathe. When riding, riding gloves can also protect the hand and wrist joints. When the bicycle is in the state of high-speed movement, glove skid prevention is very important.

The control of bicycles depends entirely on the rider's hands. If the rider's hand slips, or other accidents, are likely to lead to the occurrence of bicycle accidents.

The permeability of gloves is determined by the material of gloves themselves. The air permeability of riding gloves of different materials is different. When choosing riding gloves, we should try to choose gloves with strong air permeability. Because when riding, there is a lot of sweat in the hands.

Different riding gloves are also used in different seasons. In summer, half-fingered riding gloves are usually used, while in winter, full-fingered riding gloves are usually used.

Only by attaching importance to the wearing of cycling equipment can we guarantee our riding safety and experience.

 wear gloves when riding