Which effect is better for silicone cushions and sponge cushions?

- Nov 08, 2018-

Silicone cushion

Some new riders tend to choose silicone cushions to reduce the pain of PP in the hard seat. Silicone, formerly known as silicone rubber, has high adsorption properties, good thermal stability, chemical stability, and high mechanical strength, so it is not as deformable as a sponge and has more flexibility. Similarly, its shortcomings are also very deadly, because of its structural problems, it is impossible to breathe and perspire. In the long-time riding, the sweat at the PP can not be discharged, resulting in a bad riding experience. At this time, the riding trousers play a buffering and venting role between the PP and the hard seat. Silica gel is a kind of elastic material. After wearing a silicone cushion for a few hours, you will find that the temperature of the sweat under the PP is high, so the silicone cushion has a nickname: "special for omelet." This effect is most noticeable when riding for long periods of time. If you are a novice and only occasionally ride, the journey is not very long, the silicone cushion is still very suitable.

[sponge cushion]

As we all know, the sponge has strong water absorption, and the cushioning is often used for sofas and cushions. The soft and delicate natural structure can best match the sweat glands of human skin to drain sweat. It can dry quickly and is not prone to mold. Whether in China or in the world, although sponge cushions are not the best in the field of cycling, sponge mats are cost-effective and commonly used, still occupying a very large market.

Sponge cushions can not be used to twist, twist, squeeze, and compress natural sponges to prevent damage to sponge fibers and affect service life. Do not expose to the sun. Thicker sponges have some insulation, and thinner sponges have poor ride comfort.

[Punched Cellular Silicone/Sponge Cushion]

After many trials and improvements, subverting the traditional production design mode, solving the drawbacks of the conventional seat cushion, developed a cushioned cellular silicone cushion and a punched honeycomb sponge cushion. A better user experience in breathability and comfort. The large-area punched honeycomb mesh is more transparent and enhances ventilation, perspiration and comfort in all directions. In the long-term riding, it has a very significant effect on the wicking heat conductivity of the traditional seat cushion. Of course, all of this is optimized and improved for the comfort of the customer.