When should I change my pants or shorts?

- Jun 08, 2018-

No matter how expensive the pants are, there is a service life, so when should your cycling pants retire?


① Elastic fibers (most known as Lycra and Spandex) are the main material and the most vulnerable part of cycling pants. When the elastic fiber loses its elasticity, the fabric becomes loose. You will feel that the cycling pants have become lighter than before, the elastic fiber will fray and exposes the surface of the fabric, and this status means you have to change your cycling pants.


② The non-slip band on the leg will lose its elasticity gradually with use. When the elasticity is insufficient, you should buy a new pair of riding pants.


③ When chamois no longer fits in your body, it will lose their protective effect and it is time to change your pants.

④ You should clean your riding pants after your riding every time.