What's the function of our cycling wear?

- Jun 15, 2018-

Cycling wear generally uses a special polyester fabric, not only high strength, elasticity, extensibility, wear resistance, strong and durable; but also good permeability and perspiration. That means it  can quickly release a lot of sweat, keep it dry. High-grade jerseys also add silver ions that are not visible in polyester fibers, which can effectively reduce bacterial growth and deodorization.

The function of jerseys are super dehumidification, breathable, quick-dry, anti-wear, anti-uv, also regulating body temperature through the excellent moisture wicking.

Cycling trousers generally use elastic lycra fabric to keep close to the skin, which reduces the friction between the legs and the riding trousers and prevents us from being scratched. At the same time, it has good perspiration and breathability. The most important thing is that there is a special quick-dry breathable pad in the crotch part, which can reduce and relieve the pressure on nether regions, and can also avoid the accumulation of sweat in the legs.