What is the most important part of good cycling pants?

- Jan 26, 2018-

        A cycling pad is the most essential part in cycling pants, which should be designed for the human pelvic region which contains the Ischium bones aka your "sitting bones". The Ischium bones support your body's weight when we are riding. We offer many choices of chamois pads to choose from.


        A good cycling pads not only will help you ride longer and feel stronger, and relieve  discomfort. One thing they all have in common is the ability to cushion the saddle area. We designed cycling chamois pads to be lasting and comfortable for the long riding.

        The material of cycling pads is mainly made up of sponge filling material, which is moisture absorption and sweat perspiration, and the surface fabric of affinity skin such as coolmax, and soft support and fill the surface of the sharp seat to make the whole feeling flat. Coolmax cycling gel pads is a well-balanced chamois designed to provide endurable comfort and support for tour riders for up to 4-5hrs. In the central part, there is base foam with density and punched silicone gel insert, to guarantee shock absorption and protection in the key pressure points of contact with the saddle, and give additional effect of breath-ability and quick-dry.

Coolmax cycling Gel Pads insert For cycling pants with sublimation printing.jpg