What fabrics are good for yoga clothes?

- Jul 17, 2019-


What material is good for yoga clothes

Currently, the most popular yoga clothing on the market is made of viscose fabric, because its price and comfort are the best match. Of course, the material of bamboo fiber material is really good, but it is a little expensive, and it is expensive in it is a natural and environmentally friendly product. Since we are only wearing yoga, if it can meet the various requirements of our practice yoga, I think it is a pretty good yoga clothes, in terms of cost performance, personally feel that the material of the sticky fiber is quite comfortable. And the price is moderate, about one or two hundred.

Yoga sports will sweat a lot, which is the key to our choice of yoga detoxification and fat reduction. The choice of fabrics with good perspiration can help the sweat to escape, so that the skin is not eroded by the toxic substances contained in the sweat; the breathable fabric, when the sweat is discharged, the clothes will not cling to the skin and reduce discomfort.

Yoga clothes common fabric contrast

General yoga clothes are made of pure cotton, cotton, nylon, polyester fabric:

Pure cotton, such as Peel, Yuanyang, etc., is cheap and easy to bulge.

Cotton and linen, such as Hada, Kang Suya, etc., low cost performance, wear once a hot, too easy to wrinkle.

Polyester, such as Lu Yifan, fabric similar to swimsuit, light and thin, not close to the body, very cool, but does not absorb sweat and sweat, when it is hot, it is easy to feel body stinky.

The fabric of nylon is generally 87% nylon and 13% spandex, such as Eucalyptus, FLYOGA yoga clothes, etc. This kind of fabric is good, absorbs sweat and wicks, shapes, does not bear the ball, does not deform.

Which fabric is comfortable for yoga clothes

Yoga is a kind of slimming exercise. It emphasizes the harmony between man and nature. Therefore, it is not easy to wear on yoga clothes. If you choose a fabric with poor fabric, you may tear, or deform when you are stretching. Wait, this is not only bad for practicing yoga, but also affects your own mood. Therefore, the students of yoga must pay attention to what fabrics are taken by yoga.

Currently the best sportswear, the most comfortable is Lycra. Unlike conventional elastic fibers, Lycra has a stretch of up to 500% and can be restored to its original state. That is to say, the fiber can be stretched very easily, but it can be attached to the surface of the human body after being recovered, and the binding force to the human body is small. Lycra fiber can be used with any fabric, including wool, linen, silk and cotton, to increase the fabric's fit, elasticity and loose natural characteristics. And Lycra is different from most spandex yarns in that it has a special chemical structure and will not grow mildew in a wet and heat sealed space after wet water.

How do you maintain your yoga clothes

About washing:

Newly purchased yoga clothes must be washed gently with water, then dried and then worn. After the water is clear, you don't need detergents such as washing powder for the first time, especially if you don't wear unwashed yoga clothes directly. High-temperature yoga, a lot of sweat, will break down the fixative in the clothes, causing the clothes to fade, and when practicing yoga, the opening of the pores can easily cause the color of the clothes to invade the skin. For daily cleaning, it is best to wash with cold water. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. After a lot of sweating, please wash it as soon as possible or keep it ventilated.

About ironing:

Yoga clothes can be used for ironing irons, the temperature should be controlled, and the ironing should be lined with a thin cotton cloth.

About deposit:

When the yoga clothes are not worn, it is best to use a hanger to hang it up, or it can be laid flat, but it should be placed on top of other clothes so as not to flatten and wrinkle it, which affects the appearance.