What are functional fabrics for cycling wears? These fabric technicals you should know

- Sep 15, 2017-

What are functional fabrics for cycling wears? These fabric technicals you should know

Cycling wears / cycling gears are different from other outdoor clothing, whether regarding to cutting plate, splicing method, breathability or flexibility are different from any sportswear design. Therefore, the correct choice of professional cycling apparels is very important.


Here is main introduction of professional fabrics for cycling clothing:


cycling wear fabric-Vaporrize-bestway.jpg

Vaporrize material, similar to HH famous Lifa material. This material is known for its unparalleled air permeability, the material has perspiration, quick drying, insulation effect. Suitable for four seasons, are personal clothing. Most of this material is made of polyester fiber material, and the use of double-sided preparation of different ways. The inner material can quickly and effectively remove the body of sweat, can make the liquid quickly through the inner layer of material to expand the outer layer. Then, the drying of the laundry is accelerated by the outer material by the air-permeation, thereby improving the wearing comfort. Vaprorrize material can be seen in the collar and function manual of cycling clothing

fabrics for cycling clothing-solar upf-bwsc.jpg

Solar UPF, commonly known as anti-UV fabric materials. Any product with a left sign will indicate that the dress has a high performance UPF resistance, and the 50UPF mark indicates that the material is effective against 50% UPF exposure.

fabrics for cycling apperal-Therminal-bestway.jpg

Therminal and Therminal EX is a cashmere-resistant Lycra material. Has a good thermal insulation effect, and provide first-class ventilation function for bike rider, while maintaining the insulation can also keep the body dry. 3D multi-cut with a multi-plate stitching design, making this insulation material riding a similar degree of stretch, not in the course of riding any stretch resistance. Especially Therminal EX, is based on the former thickening of the fleece layer, in order to combat the cold climate. All Therminal materials also feature highly breathable polyester fiber material, as well as water repellence * surface water removal function.

cycling gear fabrics-element.jpg

Element is a soft texture fleece jacket material, commonly used in winter mountain bike riding equipment. Of course, there are some road car equipment is also used, with 100% wool lining. So it has a very good insulation effect, at the same time with the high permeability quick-drying personal clothing can greatly improve the use of sports comfort. In general, however, the permeability of the fleece material is lower relative to the previous material, but it can provide better insulation. Similar to Therminal materials, the Element surface also uses water repellence waterproofing technology.

fabric for cycling jerseys-deflect.jpg

Deflect is mainly windproof technical material for cycling wears. A large number of applications against the cold wind clothing, because the material density is very large, can be very effective against strong winds, very useful for seasonal, or climbing cycling ride to use. Deflect the design is very clever, jacket sealing is very good, but also think of high breathability. Any clothing with this sign indicates that he can easily fold to a small size in addition to the wind and basic waterproofing effect, and can be placed in the pocket behind the riding suit to prepare for contingencies. However, it must be noted that, Deflect is not a raincoat, can not afford a long time, or the invasion of large rainfall. It just provides the most basic waterproofing effect.

fabrics for cycling jacket-gore tex.jpg

This is the industry is the most professional, is the largest supplier of materials, Gore-tex. The characteristics of this mark is that it has a Guaranteed to keep you dry mark, usually through the formal channels to buy such goods in the warranty period can not do the role of lump sum, you can by virtue of the purchase of vouchers and the logo to the store to replace the new product. Gore-tex is also the best in the current anti-rain material, not all suppliers can get with Gore-Tex diamond logo guarantee, which requires a series of long-term hard quality test before sales right. Gore-tex windstopper is different from any of the above-mentioned wind resistant materials. It is divided into three, Soft-shell, pack lite and Active shell, most high-end brands are used Active shell and Pack lite, the former is the latest design, with better ventilation and insulation. The latter can be folded into a very small size design.

cycling wear fabrics-waterproof.jpg

The waterproof function for cycling wears, one is Gore-tex waterproof, another is Water repellence. They have the following basic differences, the former is 99% of the waterproof material, can withstand long rain baptism, which is a short repairable waterproof function, High-tech fiber of the different preparation of the form of natural waterproof layer, but it is not a long waterproof, need to use a specific washing material for maintenance.


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