The history of cycling wear, the development of cycling Jerseys!

- Mar 13, 2019-

Choose a good bicycle jersey brand mainly from "understand the history of cycling wear, understand the role of cycling wear, analyze the work of cycling wear, choose the fabric of the jersey, design the style of the jersey" I have learned a lot about the basics of cycling in the cycling clothing production industry.

Today we start with the "history of cycling wear" and share some absolute jersey knowledge for everyone!

The earliest bicycles were designed according to the "horse", so they were called "trojans" by humans. The handlebars of bicycles were designed as horseheads. The seats were designed as saddles. Because the main means of transportation at that time was horses, people dreamed of a kind. Faster than the horse.

This impression of the "horse" is also reflected in the clothing, the most original bicycle jersey is designed as a "knight" clothing: top hat, split tuxedo and other clothing and the rider's hand to hold the whip. The tuxedo was a high-class dress at the time. The tuxedo worn by the rider was short in front, the back was long, and the back hem was tilted with a split fork. The fork was originally for the convenience of getting on and off the horse. This function of the clothing was quoted to the bicycle. On the ride, wearing this kind of riding suit, people look extraordinary and graceful. This kind of attire is generally worn by men, and the woman was not allowed to ride because of the traditional concept at that time. It was not until 1896 that female bicycle wear appeared.

Cycling tends to be unnecessary for bicycles; it is very simple. Generally, wearing a riding suit is necessarily a ride, and cycling does not necessarily require riding a suit; therefore, this relationship has made the history of cycling wear very interesting. . First of all, I have to mention the bicycle. This modern product began to flourish in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s, it was basically the necessary transportation for the family. In the 21st century, the bicycle did not quit. The stage, but quietly began to transform ~~

Until the end of the twentieth century, the major brands of cycling clothing were brought together, and many people basically did not know what a cycling suit was. Basically, there was no concept of cycling clothing. There was nothing to wear a cycling suit. However, during this period, some The bicycle fleet began to develop, and the car shop began to open one after another. The cycling suit began to enter everyone's sight; but few people were willing to spend a few hundred dollars a month to buy a riding suit; then, at that time Domestic products are not mature.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the words of custom-made cycling suits began to appear slowly, but in China, the craftsmanship was relatively backward, the traditional silk screen printing effect was very general, and the plate-making sublimation was at that time, the number was small. The price is quite expensive, but the sublimation also shows its magic and superiority, without any color restrictions, more importantly, it will not affect the feel and performance of the fabric; slowly, digital thermal transfer begins to enter the market. This is a magical change, so that the small number of sublimation is no longer expensive and exclusive, but it does not bend the noble waist. The price of personalized custom is not a price acceptable to all.

In 2005, riding a uniform in the circle has completely removed the mysterious and distinguished veil, and the cycling wear processing plant has also emerged like a mushroom, but for ordinary riders, custom-made cycling suits are still One thing that compares "big".

In 2008, after the rain, the “bamboo shoots” have grown into a dense “bamboo forest”. All of a sudden, everyone came to visit this drowning water. All the car shops and clubs suddenly felt as if they could choose too much; of course, “bamboo forest” It is also mixed; prices are often flying with quality, chaos, survival, chaos, and every need; chaos. . .

In 2010, after the chaos, it was reshuffled, and the closet unknowingly occupied a row of riding suits of various car clubs; the dazzling riders began to gradually find their own position, and consumption began to mature; More attention from the riders, perhaps the brand of the cycling suit itself~~

The jersey is first of all clothes, and then there is a property to ride. Therefore, the cycling suit should first be "comfortable";

Then it serves to ride, so the Jersey is "professional";

Riding a suit again shows the individual or the team's style, so the cycling suit should still be "personal";

Finally, without affecting the above three conditions, the bicycle Jersey can also be multifunctional.