The composing element of zipper

- Aug 11, 2017-

The zipper consists of a chain tooth, a pull head, a limit code (front and back yards), or a locking piece. Where the chain teeth are off

Key part, it directly determines the side tensile strength of the zipper. General Zipper has two pieces of chain, each with a chain on each strand of teeth, two rows of chain teeth staggered. The pulling head is clamped on both sides of the chain teeth, and with the help of the pull loop, the chain teeth of the two sides can be meshed or pulled off.

The details of the zipper assembly are:

1. Cloth belt Tape by cotton, chemical fiber or mixed chemical fiber woven flexible belt, used to carry the chain teeth and other zipper components;

2. Ribbed Bead cloth belt edge used to carry metal or plastic chain teeth reinforcement;

3. A rope-like material consisting of strands of fiber in the middle of a rope.

4. Scoops refers to metal, plastic and other materials through the processing of a certain shape of tooth teeth;

5. The middle core line filler cord is processed from the multi strands fiber line, and is used in nylon zipper tooth chain production.

6. The tooth chain chain refers to the continuously arranged tooth;

7. The tooth chain Belt one side zipper chain tooth chain is fixed on the cloth belt to call the tooth chain belt;

8. The chain belt zipper chain from both sides of the tooth chain mesh into a chain belt;

9. Top stop is fixed on the tooth chain, and the limit of the tooth chain is pulled out of the tooth chain belt.

10. The bottom stop is fixed on the tooth chain belt, the limit tooth chain pulls the head to slide out the tooth chain belt, and causes the two sides tooth chain belt not to completely separate the stop piece;

11. Front and rear lead back and forth head tape zipper with no chain teeth part of the cloth is called the lead, the upper end for the front lead, the next end for the lead;

12. Intubation (also known as latch) pin separable fixed at the end of the open tail zipper, used to completely separate the chain of the tube-shaped pieces;

13. The socket box retainer is fixed at the tail end of the opening zipper, which is used for completely separating the box pieces of the chain belt;

14. Double-open-end gear two pin a pipe-type file for double open-end zipper with intubation;

15. Strengthen the adhesive tape strengthened tape used to enhance the bonding strength of intubation, socket and tape, and improve the life of the zipper composite thin-slice;

16. Pull the head slider to make the chain tooth engages and pulls the moving part;

17. Drawing Puller is a component of the pull head, it can be designed into a variety of geometric shapes and pull the head of the connection or through the middleware and pull the body connection, to achieve zipper opening and closing;

18. The middle part of the connecter is connected with the middle element of the pulling head body and the drawing piece;