Repair method of y-tooth zipper

- Aug 11, 2017-

1, if the Y-tooth zipper appears to be poor or pull the phenomenon, the general reason is that the size of the Y-tooth zipper is too large and the size of the pull head of the specification does not match, this kind of situation needs to be the Y-tooth zipper To adjust the new collocation.

2, if the Y-tooth zipper is not smooth, with candles or wax coated on top, can improve the effect. There is a little anti-nitrate, can be used color matching skin cream complementary or with the white oil positive ethane lightly wipe the anti-nitrate parts, remove the above stains.

3, in the switch, sometimes because the pull head clip to the cloth and make the Y-tooth zipper can not move. At this point, if blindly strong pull, will only let burqa tighter, therefore, million Fung zipper warm hint as far as possible to pull the card in the head of the cloth to pull back to the original, if completely card dead, not too hard, as long as slowly pull up can. In addition, sewing the Y-tooth zipper should also pay attention to the formation of sewing.

4, Y-tooth zipper has "off the tooth" or "skew" phenomenon, can remove bad teeth, add new teeth, can still be used; when the y-tooth zipper head pulls on, both sides of the teeth do not close, this means that the zipper head after wearing loose, can be used in the common pliers in the Y-tooth zipper head of the closure of the horizontal lightly clamped, then immediately good, both sides of the teeth close, no longer