Pants pads not only play a cushioning role

- May 21, 2019-


Myth: The trousers pad is just a cushion that works well.

Reality: Suppose you have the right wearing of a cycling suit - don't wear underwear when wearing a cycling suit. The trousers not only support the ischial bone, 

but also prevent your skin from becoming inflamed by the moisture caused by sweat, rain, etc. It is also softer so your skin is not easily scratched.


Myth: The thicker the mat, the better.

Reality: In fact, the ideal thickness of the trousers depends on your sitting position on the bicycle. If you prefer an upright riding position, 

look for a multiple thickness pad with a rear cushion. If you prefer a more stretched posture, choose a medium-density, multi-density foam pad.

 However, keep in mind that your demand for trousers is not constant and should be adjusted according to your riding habits at different stages.


Myth: The trousers are made of leather.

Reality: Before DuPont invented Coolmax in 1986, many cyclists wore jersey linings made of animal skin. The rider will apply a suede cream to keep the lining soft. Today, 

artificial pads do not need to be done as before, but some drivers still use suede cream to prevent the soreness of the cushion.

Related types

3D pad: Pants designed according to the driver's bones.

Antibacterial pad: Made with silver ions and carbon atoms with antibacterial effect to prevent bacterial infection.

Four-way stretch pad: This pant can be moved in any direction and is more flexible when riding.

Moisture wicking pad: It is made of technical synthetic fabric and has a good quick-drying effect to keep you dry.

Multiple Density Pads: The foam on the mat is denser at a particular location and is located substantially under the ischial bone.

Multiple thickness pads: composed of mats of different thicknesses, thicker under the ischial bone and thinner at the perineum.