Long-distance riding, why can't we choose a wide cushion?

- Nov 08, 2018-

Ass pain is normal, many riders ride long distance fear ass pain, deliberately spend money for a thicker cushion, thinking that ass does not hurt, in fact, you are completely wrong.

The demand for long-distance riding on the cushion is nothing but breathable, comfortable, non-stressing and supportive. The soft and hard arguments are too general, soft and hard definitions? Boundaries? Differences? Subjective feelings or objective materials?

There is a rider who will recommend a soft cushion for long distances, but the soft cushion is more demanding for support and breathability, and the comfort is greatly improved. It is suitable for novices and riders who have not been able to practice iron butt. There are also soft cushions filled with gel, but the outer material is very good, wear-resistant and firm, ensuring support and deformation. So many newcomers think that a generous cushion can make the buttocks more comfortable and reduce the pain of the buttocks for two reasons:

1. Expand the contact area between the buttocks and the seat cushion, disperse the pressure, and reduce the pressure on the buttocks.

2, thick filler, can absorb more shock and vibration from the frame.

In fact, a generous seat cushion does not necessarily reduce the pain in the buttocks. So let us first understand why the buttocks hurt when riding:

1. Compression: When sitting on a cushion, the weight of the body is pressed against the small area of the seat cushion, which will generate a very large pressure, which is pressed into the capillaries and affects the blood circulation.