How to wash a cycling jersey properly?

- Jun 13, 2018-


First of all, wash it in time!

The cycling suit that you change after cycling should be placed in a ventilated basket. Do not put plastic bags to allow the sweat to evaporate as quickly as possible.

Wash sportswear in time and do not wash overnight.

The smelly solution of clothes

Soak with clothing disinfectant (such as compression garments and other high-tech fabrics do not apply, use a mild neutral detergent), 15ml against 3L water, soak in cold water for 15min, then machine washing.

Pay attention to do pre-wash inspection

Pockets of debris, keys, coins, etc. should be cleared out, most of the riding clothes can be handled with a washing machine, the washing temperature requirements are also relatively broad. However, if the label on the clothes says "hand wash," then do not use a washing machine. Look at the instructions of the clothes before washing.


Make appropriate classifications, simple color classifications, separate cleaning, and avoid discoloration.

It is best choice for women's sports underwear to be hand-washed. When washing in the machine, underwear must be placed in the laundry bag to avoid deformation of the underwear. In addition, zippered riding windbreaker and the like, it is also best way to put into the laundry bag, can prevent the zipper friction to make other clothes pilling.

Also pay attention not to put a lot of clothes to wash the washing machine! Two-thirds or less, the clothes washed out are relatively clean.

Pay attention to the use of detergent

Many high-tech jerseys state that disinfectants and softeners should not be used because the “add-on” in the detergent may penetrate into the fibers to stiffen the fibers and destroy their ability to absorb sweat and deodorant. Of course, special detergents for sports clothes can be purchased for washing.


In sweaters containing wool, do not use softeners, because they will form a layer of material on the wool, so that the deodorizing and dehumidifying ability of the wool is reduced.

There are some laundry detergents on the market that specialize in washing high-tech fabrics and can be studied and researched.

Slowly dry

Drying, riding clothes is best not to dry! It is best not to see the sun dry and dry slowly.

Shade is easy to produce odor in wet weather. If you want to wear longer, don't put them in the dryer, because too much heat will bake the odor into the fabric.