How to reduce the pain of your nether region during outdoor riding?

- Jun 22, 2018-

In outdoor riding, six steps to reduce the pain of your nether region.

Each person's hip shape is not the same, and there is not a cushion that can fit everyone.

Almost everyone has discomfort feeling on their nether region during riding. The parts that touch the seat cushion are sometimes uncomfortable or painful. Fortunately, it can be avoided or reduced by the following steps.

The first step is to carefully feel: If your lower back began to feel stiff, then you can not ignore the damage your cushion brings. If you think that this is just a process and you gradually adapt to this, you are wrong. If you continue to do it despite the danger signal from your body, you will have more serious consequences.

Step 2: Lift your nether region from the cushion: Even if you don't climb, standing up and leaving the cushion every 10-15 minutes will help your blood flow smoothly.

The third step is to check the position of the seat cushion: carefully and correctly tuning the vehicle, especially the height of a proper seat cushion often produces a noticeable improvement in riding feeling, and it also prevents you from slanting on the seat cushion.

Step 4 Put on the right clothing: A well-fitted pair of pants with protective pads will provide a very good protection. Using a little skin cream can further reduce friction and provide significant protection.

Step 5 Careful personal hygiene: Careful personal hygiene can prevent the occurrence of various bacterial infections. Wear clean trousers every time, and avoid sitting around when your pants is drenched with sweat. Some skin creams contains antibacterial ingredients such as extracts of various herbs.

Step 6 Select the seat cushion: Each person's hip shape is not the same, and there is no one cushion pad that can suit everyone. Don't be foolish to think that big, fat cushions are best for your nether region, and sometimes those thin, slender, and very thin cushions pad are more comfortable. Although over time, cushions that have been sitting for a long time will slowly begin to deform to suit your hip shape, but this is precisely because it was not suitable for your nether region, but also the reason causing your back and lumbosacral pain.