How to effectively avoid foot pain during riding?

- Dec 22, 2018-

During our riding, our feet are responsible for transmitting all the strength of the body to the pedals, driving the bicycle forward. If the foot is injured, we will feel extremely difficult during the ride. In such a situation, the harder the force, the harder you step on the pedals, the more the foot wear and tear, and the efficiency of your riding is greatly reduced. There are many variables in the ride that can cause foot pain. The following points will help you understand why you are suffering and how to heal it.

Like the hand, the foot also has a series of nerve branches on the toes. Compression of these nerves can cause numbness and foot pain. The way the foot is pressed is slightly different from the hand. In the hand, paralysis and pain are often caused by direct compression of the ulnar nerve and termination of the nerve. The numbness of the feet is painful, often because the feet in the shoes indirectly compress sensitive nerves.

Heat can cause swelling in the feet. When we ride a bicycle, the body produces a huge amount of heat that drains as the blood flows to the limbs and parts of the body as quickly as possible. Dehydration can also cause swelling of the foot, which can cause the pressure on the foot to become abnormal. Replenish moisture at any time, pay attention to heat dissipation, keep your blood flowing freely, keep it light, and ensure that there is enough body fluid to keep sweating.

The shoes don't fit, so you don't know what to wear. Avoid foot pain during cycling and change the appropriate lock shoes is the best way. A pair of suitable shoes will make you forget the existence of the shoes. Due to the wideness of the shoes, the soles and the toe caps of various types of shoes, it is necessary to take time and energy to select shoes and test shoes. Pay attention to any potential pressure points. Before you find a shoe that suits your feet, don't just buy a pair and ride a bicycle. Unsuitable shoes will seriously hurt your feet during long-term riding.

If you have feet that are different from normal people, such as wide feet and special bows, you should look for suitable shoes instead of trying to change a pair of ordinary shoes, or even a company with custom lock shoes. You can specialize in your special foot. Customize a pair of shoes. The cost of customization can be high, but in the long run, it is worthwhile to relieve pain and ride your bike.

The foot is in direct contact with the foot, and the pedal not only drives the energy of the body to drive the bicycle forward, but also supports your feet during the ride. The road locks a large area, it is more comfortable to step on, and it can also relieve the pressure on the feet; the mountain locks generally have a small force area, and the soles feel more concentrated. If the sole is not very hard, the feet will collect heat and cannot be released. If you need to ride on a mountain bike for a long time, consider replacing it with a hard sole, such as carbon fiber is a good solution.

Adjust the position of the locking piece and use a professional tool to adjust the locking piece so that the axis position is in the position of the sesame ball. have to be aware of is. According to the driver's standing width, the left and right position of the locking piece should be adjusted, and the deflection degree of the locking piece should be determined according to the walking habit of the driver and the riding habit of peacetime.

The professional Bike Fit can fully adjust your body posture, assist the rider to select and set bicycle accessories, and adjust the position and posture when you step on the car until you can comfortably step on the fastest speed. Bike Fit will Keep your ride in a better state and reduce all kinds of injuries caused by incorrect posture or inappropriate bicycle size.

The problem of foot pain caused by socks is probably the most overlooked factor. Socks are not only adorned with the color of the jersey, but as one of the three direct contact points in the cycling sport, its importance is self-evident. Most people don't really choose the right riding socks, and a pair of socks designed specifically for riding can make the riders avoid the accumulation of sweat and athlete's foot during long riding. Annoying "intractable diseases" such as feet and slipping shifts. If the socks are too thick and too hot, this may exacerbate the "hot foot effect", exacerbate the swelling of the feet, and greatly increase the pressure points and friction on the feet. Too thin and too cold may cause frostbite.

Always pay attention to your foot condition during cycling to avoid pain and numbness. After the above adjustments, if your feet are comfortable, you will prefer to ride.