How to deal with a runny nose when riding a bicycle?

- Jul 17, 2018-


▲When riding a bicycle, some drivers will have a runny nose or a stuffy nose.

If you are running or cycling while the temperature changes dramatically, it may cause vascular movement rhinitis.

Vascular motor rhinitis can cause symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose and even dizziness. There is no doubt that these symptoms will greatly reduce your riding experience.

This rhinitis is mainly for two reasons for the driver:

  1. Psychological and emotional factors

    Long-term mental stress, excessive fatigue, and mood swings are the root causes of illness. If you live for a long time in a high sense of urgency, depression, and loss, the incidence will increase dramatically.

    In the competition schedule, the intense competition environment and the multi-day transition are very easy to get tired. At this time, the body's resistance is also greatly reduced, and it is easy to have various problems; the world's top car drivers are no exception.

  2. External stimuli

    Climate change, such as sudden changes in temperature and humidity, can cause seizures. Sometimes I mistakenly think that I have seasonal allergic rhinitis. Air pollution, such as smoke, dust, alcohol and other chemicals, can also cause the disease. Getting up, exercising, etc. can also be a cause.

    In this case, the general public feels more obvious when they go out to exercise in the cold winter, when the discomfort of the nose appears.

Vascular motor rhinitis symptoms are mainly nasal congestion, mostly intermittent. Some patients have severe nasal congestion in the morning and reduce or disappear during the day. Some patients are exacerbated every night, often accompanied by alternating nasal congestion with changes in body position.

Patients are often extremely sensitive to changes in climate and ambient temperature.
Some patients also have watery nose: the onset is often several days in a row, often accompanied by episodes of sneezing. Wash a few handkerchiefs a day or use a lot of toilet paper. Itching in the nose, after a certain period of time, can cause disease under the influence of some incentives.

In addition to this, there are symptoms such as decreased swelling of the mucous membrane, edema caused by edema, and dizziness. The nose of the bicycle is blocked, the mind is dizzy, have you ever met?

1. Avoid or remove predisposing factors

Adjust the mentality, reasonably set the game schedule and the psychological expectations of the results, should not be too tired and tired, arrange rest time, rest and rest, and communicate with friends.

2. Drug treatmenta9d5f3be0a15a21096ec215403c300f7.jpg

Ventilation nose is used for colds, rhinitis, allergies caused by nasal congestion, can expand the nasal passages, improve ventilation, and make breathing more smooth.
Starting from the safety competition, the ventilating nose stick can also help.