How to buy a zipper

- Aug 11, 2017-

The important tip of the zipper is that the zipper has different adaptability in different environment, so it should be made special to the manufacturer when choosing the zipper:

First, zipper application in what type of products (such as suitcases, boots, ski clothes, raincoats, tents, water to wash the jeans or acidic leather products) or other special requirements.

Second, the requirements of the zipper components, whether or not to contain azo (AZO), nickel-free, or can be a needle detector. Three, $number, $number, $number These are the numbers of the zipper, which is the width of the zipper closed. In simple terms: the larger the number, the thicker the zipper. Usually the zipper on our jacket is $number, like $number and # This is a special zipper, very rugged, to special custom, usually less used. 4YG refers to the zipper on the trousers, referring to the zipper of the $number YG head, this kind of zipper head is with lock, especially jeans and slacks, more solid, usually metal teeth. Most of the brand clothing will be in their clothes zipper custom-made zipper, usually different shapes, and the above are engraved with brand logo, is very detailed things, do good words will become a sign.