How to avoid the pain caused by riding a cushion?

- Nov 08, 2018-

You must decide to understand the difference between riding pants, skin cream and even sticking a band-aid on the perineum. I tried it six times on the riding platform and sat on the cushion. The cadence was controlled at 90-95/min, and I always rode until my ass hurts. After two days in the middle, let the butt fully recover and I will start riding again.

First time, no riding pants: lasts 19 minutes and 21 seconds

Very painful, I felt uncomfortable at first, and I was very uncomfortable in about 10 minutes.

The second time, wearing pants (ordinary): lasts 40 minutes and 22 seconds

The pads look much better than bargains, but the truth is that there is no difference. Just riding on the car, the pad is well isolated and protected, and the cushioning effect is comfortable without overshooting. Even after an hour and a half, I just felt very uncomfortable, and it may be caused by the previous two rides.

The third time, riding pants plus skin cream: lasted more than 2 hours

Apply a little cream on the pad and apply it evenly. Gently sit on the cushion. You will find that it is really a good feeling, effectively avoiding the pain. Reduce friction, stay comfortable and inhibit bacterial growth. If you haven't tried it yet, try buying a bottle.

The fourth time, cycling pants plus suede protection stickers: lasted more than 2 hours

The suede protector is the ultimate weapon to prevent the pain of the buttocks. Just like a huge band-aid, stick it to the perineum before riding, which can reduce friction. At first I also doubted whether it was useful or not, but I was convinced after the trial. It can be washed and reused. It is so soft and even suitable for sensitive areas.

The fifth time, riding pants plus suede protection and skin cream: lasted more than 3 hours

The ultimate combination: riding pants plus suede protection and skin cream are the most comfortable rides I have ever had. After 3 hours of training on the platform, I feel a little tired and nothing. Discomfort and pain, and even cycling all day long.

After a long ride, the skin in these areas will be red and hot, which usually recovers after a night. But it also prompts you to control the frequency of riding, especially before you ride to prepare to prevent these situations.