How many types of cycling jersey in our daily life?

- Jun 20, 2018-

Wearing different cycling suits in different season, cycling suits can be divided into long-sleeved summer riding suits, fleece long-sleeved riding suits, windproof cycling suits, and winter composite riding suits, etc.

Summer long-sleeved cycling suit

Summer long-sleeved riding clothes has already been specified in the name of the season - summer. This type of cycling suit uses the same fabrics and craftsmanship as short-sleeved jerseys and it is also flexible. The reason why they do long-sleeved, first, there is an anti-uv effect; Second, there is a protection against the cold, you can wear in the summer or early autumn.

Fleece long-sleeved cycling suit

Many riders may misunderstand the jerseys for this type of fabric. Although the name “fleece” is used to make people feel warmer, in fact, the windproof and warmth of these fabrics are generally normal. It is suitable for wearing at about 20 degrees temperature, and it is not enough to feel late in autumn or early winter. At present, the reason why fleece fabrics are more popular is because they have the same composition as summer fabrics, are polyester, and are suitable for printing. Therefore, the styles are various, fashion and beautiful, so it can meet the personalized needs of the majority of riders. However, in terms of practicality, it is normal. And fleece material, compared with the summer fabric, the flexibility is just so so, so we suggest that you can choose a large size.

Windproof cycling clothing

Windproof cycling clothing commonly known as windbreaker, is generally made of extremely light fabrics, windproof and breathable. In fact, the win coat is a very practical cycling suit, which takes a long time. And general windbreaker fabrics also have some waterproof function, so in some long-distance riding, windbreaker is a more suitable choice. The relative price of windbreakers is also lower. However, due to the generally monotonous color of the windbreaker, and generally monochrome, the personalization is general. Of course, windbreakers can also be printed to meet individual needs.

Winter compound riding suit

The winter composite cycling suit is suitable for winter wear, which is both windproof, breathable and warm. It is suitable for wearing up and down at 0 degrees. In general, in winter in the south, you can wear such a riding suit. This kind of riding suit fabric is mainly composed of 3 layers of composite materials. The outermost layer of windproof material and the inner layer of brushed warm material can achieve good windproof and warm ventilation. This type of riding suit is generally more casual, versatile and suitable for everyday wear. Therefore, if you choose to ride a bike rider in winter, it is recommended that you choose this style. There are also windbreakers made of similar fabrics that are also suitable for winter wear. In winter, the temperature is relatively low, and the body's calorie consumption is large. Therefore, the three principles of wind protection, ventilation, and warmth should be considered first in the dress.