How many Classifications of cycling apparels?

- Jun 13, 2018-

How many Classifications of cycling apparels?

1, According to the appearance, we can say that cycling jerseys fall into 3categories:

a,  textured fabric: that we often say honeycomb fabric or mesh fabric, is  the most common form of appearance, its loose structure determines that  he has excellent ventilation performance, also determines that his  shortcomings are easy to hook, It is recommended to ride on the road and use the jerseys produced by this fabric;

b,  lattice fabric: that we often say plain weave fabrics, compact  structure, dense lines, its advantage is not easy to hook the wire, the  disadvantage is no breathable mesh fabric excellent, it is recommended  that mountain riding, use this paragraph fabric production of cycling clothes;

c,  fleece fabric: that we often say that the brushed cloth, the surface  covered with dense villi, take its excellent thermal performance, the  disadvantage is no flexibility, and poor ventilation performance,  generally only used in winter cycling clothing; selection reasons It  is because the winter is focused on keeping warm, because it is not  easy to sweat during the winter, so ignore its fast-drying and  breathable performance requirements;

2, According to process classification

There are roughly 2 types of cycling jerseys that are classified according to the production process:

A,  fight color cycling clothes: the colored riding apparel fabrics will be  cut into pieces, and sewing in accordance with a certain style, that is,  color matching cycling clothes its main advantages are low prices,  performance is not compromised, its main drawback is You cannot use hot-transfer printing to imprint patterns and text on it. The  general solution is to use screen printing or embroidery to solve  graphic and text printing problems. The following pictures are  color-fitting cycling suits without printed artwork.

B, thermal transfer class bicycle suits: This type of cycling clothing is  characterized by bright color printing patterns, any graphics can be  printed on the cycling suit, will not be the same as color matching  cycling suits because of the production of styles There  are too many cloth pieces and sewing knots; compared with color  matching cycling suits, the disadvantage is that the cost of thermal  transfer process is relatively high, and the price is also much higher  than that of color matching cycling clothes. The following are hot. Transfer type riding suits.