Cycling Socks Features

- Dec 22, 2018-

Cycling socks are professional sports socks designed for cycling sports. They must have the characteristics of moisture absorption, perspiration, wear resistance and no deformation. The outer layer must be wear-resistant and not deformed. The inner layer should be able to absorb moisture and perspire. Use Coolmax, Lycra and wear-resistant nylon or Kevlar yarn.

Cycling socks are characterized by moisture absorption, perspiration, abrasion resistance and deformation. According to the survey, many cyclists do not wear special riding socks and use ordinary sports socks as a substitute. This idea and practice are wrong, and may not be reflected in the short-time riding process. The importance of riding socks, but once you enter the long distance for a long time, you will feel the pain in your feet and accumulate a lot of sweat. Many people think that this is the result of excessive exercise. In fact, the real "culprit" is the pair of ordinary sports socks.

In the bicycle exercise, since the sole of the foot is almost in contact with the pedal, this requires the riding socks to have higher breathability and wear resistance than the ordinary sports socks, which can reduce the constant braking on the soles of the feet. Side effects, so when we compare the riding socks with the ordinary sports socks, we will find that the forefoot and toes of the former are relatively thick. For a cyclist with a flat sole, if you don't wear a riding sock, you will feel the muscles will be sore and reduce the riding efficiency. The riding socks will generally increase the elasticity at this position and tighten the muscle. It allows the soles of the feet to move longer, and the riding socks can keep the feet dry.

In fact, if you choose a higher quality riding socks, the benefits for the cyclists are not only the above, but also reduce the probability of long water bags and other beriberi.