How to overcome the cycling burnout period?

- Apr 08, 2019-

People are easy to like new and tired

People are a kind of creature that is new and old, so it is easy to be ecstatic when you first come into contact with a bicycle, 

as if you have opened a new world. But humanity is cruel, and it is boring and unsatisfactory for things that are highly repetitive.

 So many people just got into contact with the bicycle and will ride crazy. They take pictures and punch cards everywhere. After a while,

 they are slowly bored. Soon after, there are more trolleys in the corner of the house, so don't be surprised.


                                                                                              Be careful to put the car in the germination.

Change the taste.

To overcome the burnout period, the most important thing is that you need to check that you are "how to ride a bicycle", 

which mainly includes three points: "cycling route", "riding strength", "who is riding with you".

Cycling route:

If you like to ride leisurely, the natural route you ride is easy to limit and easy to repeat. It is recommended that you draw a circle 

with a radius of 50 kilometers from the center of your home, and go online to find out which routes are available for riding in this circle. 

What are the good attractions or foods worth visiting? Or ask directly in the car friends group or circle of friends, you will experience 

the fun of bicycles when riding different routes.

Ride strength:

If you are an ascetic, I believe that you must ask for your own mileage per week, but if you are bored and do not ride, all the training will be meaningless,

 so if you feel too tired physically and mentally, it is fine to take a break. of. Change some sports and eat some good things to change your mood.

Who is riding with you:

After all, people are social animals. It is always boring to be alone. It is recommended that you use bicycles as a way to expand your circle of friends, 

not just sports tools. Try to join the local team, go to a nearby car shop to chat, join a friend's appointment, etc. 

It is a good way to ride a bicycle when it is no longer just a bicycle, but a part of your life. It will not be boring in itself.

I am not sociable and have no motivation. What should I do?

This problem seems difficult, but the solution is surprisingly simple. Not being good at communication is not a problem.

 Everyone has his habit of getting along, and the power can be cultivated.

The reason for "no power" is that "no physical strength", but physical strength must be cultivated by law, you can give yourself a homework, 

and rigidly stipulate that you must go out for a short period of time every week, 30 minutes, If you persist in the whole week, you will reward yourself, 

whether you are eating well or watching a movie, and you feel that you have "efforts and gains", 

so you can cultivate your strength and make yourself more motivated.


These are some suggestions for overcoming the burnout period and hope to be used as a reference. After all, 

bicycles don't need just a pair of shoes like running. The investment in the early stage requires a certain amount of money, 

so it is a pity that it is dusted in the corner.

What other methods do you have to overcome the burnout period? Welcome to the comment area to chat!