Cycling care knowledge literacy

- Mar 26, 2019-

一、Matters needing attention

The moisture absorption function of the jersey and pants is related to the groove depth of the fiber and the cross-sectional area of the fiber. The deeper the groove, the larger the cross-sectional area, the better the moisture absorption performance. When riding, the rider should pay attention to keep away from the sharp object to avoid scraping and reduce the friction between the hard object. If the oil stain is used, it should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent the dirt from blocking the cross-section groove and affecting the ventilation effect. Some riders like to wear a pocket during the ride, which will greatly shorten the service life of the Jersey and pants, destroy the internal structure of the fabric and reduce the functionality.

二、 The washing method

▲ water temperature is not higher than 30 degrees, it is not suitable for long time soaking;

▲ Do not dry clean, do not brush with brush, try to wash by hand. If you need machine wash, avoid washing with clothes with sharp objects;

▲ can not be bleached, you need to add ordinary washing powder (not recommended to use strong detergent), no need to add softener;

▲Not ironing

▲It can't be dried, it can be lightly twisted and then hanged to dry and ride the equipment.

Spring and summer season

▲ sleeveless Jersey + cycling shorts + cycling socks + shoe covers

▲ short-sleeved Jersey + cycling shorts + riding underwear + leggings + arm guard + riding socks + headscarf + shoe covers

▲Long-sleeved Jersey (thin) +4/4 riding trousers (thin) + riding underwear + shoe cover

Autumn and winter season

▲ riding vest + long-sleeved Jersey (thin) + riding underwear +4/4 riding trousers (thin) + riding socks + headscarf + shoe covers

▲ riding windbreaker + long-sleeved Jersey (thin) + riding underwear +4/4 riding trousers (thin) + riding socks + headscarf + shoe covers

▲ cycling jacket + long-sleeved Jersey (fleece) + riding underwear +4/4 riding pants (fleece) + headscarf + shoe covers

The above recommended combinations can be selected according to the weather and warm and cool.

三、Among them, riding underwear can increase the perspiration and breathability and comfort level. 

The guard arm and leg protector mainly play the role of sun protection and warmth. Female riders prefer to have the combination of arm guard and leg guard. When the sun is sufficient, wear it. Fully protect the skin from being sunburned. When the sun is not very good, it can be taken into the back of the jersey, easy to put on and take off. In addition, the arm guards and leg guards can also be worn when the weather is cold in the morning and evening, which can effectively keep warm. Cycling vests and riding windbreakers are excellent for warmth. When the air quality is poor, you can choose to wear the headscarf on your face. This will not only block the dust but also have a certain warmth function. Some riders who love sweating on the head can also bring the headscarf to the top of the head and wear the helmet. It works in conjunction with perspiration and is easy to clean. To ensure the dryness of the shoes during the riding process, the riding socks play a vital role. You can choose different thickness of the riding socks according to the season.