​Classification of cycling equipment

- Apr 04, 2019-

Classification of cycling equipment

This type of equipment is the equipment that must be used during the ride.
1, riding helmet: life-saving, must wear.
2, riding pants: reduce friction, because of the riding cushion, can ensure the riding process is comfortable, the remaining pants are irreplaceable.
3, riding gloves: reduce damage, must wear.
4, cycling shoes: according to the bicycle equipped with ankle to choose, if not for special ankles, there is no special requirements.
5, pumping bucket: no gas bicycle, can only let the car rider.
6, riding lighting: night riding must have headlights lighting road conditions, and taillights warning the vehicle later.

The role of such items in the riding process can be replaced by other items, in other words, there are also can be riding, no riding, just to make the riding process more comfortable. Magic headscarf: can also be replaced with a mask, but the function is not so complete. Cycling glasses: can also be replaced with other colored glasses, but not so professional. Cycling suit: This is special, although it can be worn, but there are a set of riders who like to ride, just like a dedicated line. Cycling cuff: It will only be used when paired with a short-sleeved jersey. Cycling backpack or purse: Can be replaced by other parcels to meet the requirements of the items. Cycling leg cover: It is only used when riding shorts. Cycling socks: ordinary sports socks can also be replaced; but because the riding socks are generally printed with information about the team and other related information, sports socks do not have this function. Tied legs: only used when wearing long pants, used for leggings, if you are wearing cycling pants, this equipment is not needed. Cycling shoes: Depending on which foot pedal is installed. The first package: other packages can be replaced. Car Lights: The riders of the night ride must be equipped, and the riders who do not have a night ride can not install. La: It is suitable for the riders of the city to ride, and the rest does not need to be installed. Triangle bag: Multi-functional combination tool with other packages: necessary for long-distance riding, used to repair tires.